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long-range promoter contacts with capture Hi-C

This genome browser presents 4 datasets of long-range genome interactions along with human genome assembly GRCh37 (hg19) for comparative studies. These datasets were generated from a Nature Genetics paper (Borbala Mifsud et al., Nature Genetics 47, 598-606 (2015)). They used Capture Hi-C (CHi-C), an adapted genome conformation assay, to examine the long-range interactions of almost 22,000 promoters in 2 human blood cell types, GM12878 and CD34+. The processed significant long-range promoter contacts data were downloaded from E-MTAB-2323 of ArrayExpress.

There are 4 tracks in this genome browser, including significant promoter-promoter interactions and promoter-other interactions for both GM12878 and CD34+ cell types. We treat the promoter-other interactions as directed interactions, i.e., promoters are shown on the top genome and the interacted other genome regions are shown on the bottom genome.

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